Top APP To Save Android Mobile Phone Battery 2019


The main problem of a smartphone is draining the battery very quickly. Generally to charge a smartphone it will take around 1 to 2 hours. If your phone  battery goes down when you are in hurry then it will irritates you definitely. So every smartphone user wants best solution for this battery issue.You know one thing phone’s screen is consuming most of the phone charging. So you have to lock the phone when you are not using it. 

              Next major battery consuming things in a phone are Apps. These Apps will run in background continuously. You have to delete unnecessary apps and games for your mobile to avoid over charging issues. Its not possible to check every time which apps are running in background. So here I’m providing best solution to save mobile battery. You just need to download a App from play store then it will do this work automatically.

   Main features of the Go Battery Pro- battery saver,phone mode switcher,charging phone status, cleaning junk files, optimizing files to save battery and daily power consumption report..etc. You have no worries to find out charger once again in the middle of the day.

Main Features :

  • Accurately estimates the remaining time : With the help of best algorithm Go battery pro will find out correct phone charging time for different conditions like for watching the videos, for playing the games, for using mobile internet data/.using wi-fi connection,Bluetooth on..etc. if any abnormal conditions will occur then immediately this app will try to fix all problems. This battery saver app will optimize all power consumption apps to its least usage so that phone battery can be extended to its best level.


  • Power Saver Monitor : It will scan all apps which are continuously using battery then try to optimize apps usage.It will shows all apps usage under different scenarios.So that we can get a clear idea about highest power consuming apps. We have different mode options like General mode, Long Life mode and My mode.With the help of these modes we can choose best mode to optimize phone to its best level.
  • Charging Booster :  It will hep you to over come over charging problem and suggest best charging stages like Speed, continuous and tickle. So many people will charge he phone at night and fell asleep,its not so good for your smartphone. That’s why 3 modes has been given to charge phone. Now a days every smartphone company provides this feature.
  • Smart Mode : Go Battery Saver app is the most powerful app for smartphones to protect from over and poor charging conditions and to give its best different conditions.It has 3 modes so that we can choose any mode depending on our requirement. And it will give smart mode to switch on\off controls in different situations like low battery, scheduling a specific time and when charging the phone.Smart control will turn off all enables options like wi-fi,Bluetooth,data and many more while turn off your smart phone.Once your phone is turn on then all these options will be restored to its previous mode.

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